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Crystal Run Healthcare Hosts Blood Drive in Newburgh


Newburgh, N.Y. – JUNE 4, 2018 – Crystal Run Healthcare hosted a local blood drive on May 14th in Newburgh to support the New York Blood Center (NYBC). 20 units of blood were collected from donors. The recent blood drive marks the third annual blood drive held in Newburgh since the grand opening in 2015. The next blood drive to benefit the NYBC will take place at Crystal Run’s location in Monroe on July 10th.

“Thirty people from our CRHC and Newburgh Community generously gave their time; 20 donations were collected that potentially can save 60 lives and most likely have already been used. Thank you to Maureen Binnam, Lyndsey Sheehan, Roseanne Alonge and Chanel Ross for their work to make it the successful event it was!” said Kathi Ferris, Director of Operations at Crystal Run Healthcare.

In 2017, employees of Crystal Run along with some community members donated a total of 135 pints of blood to the NYBC and the Red Cross through six blood drives across multiple practice locations. Crystal Run Healthcare supports organizations like the NYBC to help the 4.5 million Americans each year that need blood transfusions. Started 54 years ago, NYBC is one of the largest community-based non-profit blood collection and distribution organizations in the U.S. They serve more than 45 million people in the Tri-State area. Visit to find out more information on upcoming blood drives and ways to get involved.