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Local Care. Better Access. More Options. Residents of the Hudson Valley To Benefit From New Relationship Between Montefiore and Crystal Run


NEW YORK (January 11, 2018) — Montefiore Health System and Crystal Run Healthcare have finalized the
details of a progressive relationship that will transform and improve the way healthcare is delivered throughout
the Hudson Valley. The formal relationship between Montefiore and Crystal Run is effective as of January 1,
2018. Crystal Run Health Transformation Holdings, LLC, (CRHT), a new entity—neither a merger nor
acquisition—will be operated collaboratively by Crystal Run and Montefiore. CRHT will oversee, direct, and
allocate the resources required to execute on the shared mission and vision of Crystal Run and Montefiore: to
be the healthcare provider of choice for the Hudson Valley.

The relationship establishes the sharing of clinical best practices, care management expertise, and information
technology platforms between the organizations to advance Crystal Run’s and Montefiore’s efforts to achieve
the “triple aim” of health care transformation – better health, better health care, and lower cost for patients. It
will promote clinical integration, providing Crystal Run’s patients, if they so choose, seamless access to
Montefiore’s unique clinical expertise, cutting-edge research and clinical trials, and its specialized Centers of
Excellence in cancer, cardiology, transplant and pediatrics and more. In addition, the relationship will increase
access to Crystal Run Health Plans, Crystal Run’s health insurance and HMO products, in the Hudson Valley.
Finally, the new relationship will enhance educational opportunities for medical students at the Albert Einstein
College of Medicine, physician trainees at Montefiore and will create teaching and learning opportunities for
Crystal Run physicians.

“We at Crystal Run are elated about our newly-minted relationship with Montefiore,” said Hal Teitelbaum,
MD, JD, MBA, the CEO of Crystal Run. “It truly combines the best of both worlds: Montefiore and Einstein, a
premier academic medical center with a reputation for outstanding research, clinical care and commitment to
social justice; and Crystal Run, a community based multi-specialty group medical practice with a reputation
for quality care, exceptional patient experience and a progressive approach to health care transformation.
Together, we will build the health system of the future for the people and communities we serve.”

“We are thrilled to be joining forces with Crystal Run, one of the best, progressive physician practices in New
York State,” added Steven M. Safyer MD, President and CEO, Montefiore Medicine, the umbrella
organization of Montefiore Health System and Albert Einstein College of Medicine. “The most exceptional
health care is care that strengthens the physician and patient relationship and makes the best use of new
technologies to advance treatment. It is care that is local, yet seamlessly connected to the most advanced
expertise for complex situations. Crystal Run and Montefiore share a philosophy that puts patients first. The
Hudson Valley will be getting the gold standard of care.”