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Men’s Health Checklist 2023


Many men don’t follow a preventive health screening checklist because they feel fine. But the reality is that serious disease can begin without any symptoms. Certain tests and immunizations can prevent problems from becoming worse.

Typical Tests for All Ages

There are several recommended medical tests by age. All men should typically undergo testing for cholesterol, blood pressure, and cancer on a yearly basis. Sexually active men between 20 and 50 years of age and beyond should be tested yearly for STDs.
Because the risk factors for certain diseases like colorectal cancer and osteoporosis can increase in men of higher age, these screenings are recommended for men between the ages of 40 and 60 years and beyond. In addition to testing, several vaccines, including those for shingles and flu, are recommended for men.

Other Men’s Health Guidelines

Wearing a condom during sex, eating a healthy diet, avoiding processed foods, sugar and alcohol, and getting daily exercise are all important ways to stay healthy. Regular conversations with yourprimary care provider about these topics will help you stay on track.

Looking for more specific health information? This infographic from Crystal Run Healthcare contains checklists for men of all ages.

Men’s Health Checklist Infographic

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