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Vitamin D: Why You Need the “Sunshine” Vitamin


A lack of vitamin D is bad for your health, but you can find a primary care physician (PCP) to test your levels and determine if you require more in your diet, should use a supplement, or simply need more sun.

It’s common knowledge that ultraviolet rays can do damage to your skin. However, in the right doses and with the right protection, sunlight does have its health benefits as skin converts it into vitamin D. You can also get this essential vitamin from fish, egg yolk, and other foods such as lichen.

About half of all people under doctor care have a vitamin D deficiency, even though sources of it are readily available.

Vitamin D Is Important for Your Body

Vitamin D is healthy for your bones and helps absorb calcium. If it is lacking, you’re at risk of thinning or softening bones, muscle weakness, and other health problems. It is especially important for young people and adults over 50 years old.

Learn if You Are at Risk

Avoiding the sun is not your only risk factor. Seek primary care near you to test your vitamin D levels if in the following categories where deficiencies are common: older people, women, and people with diseases that inhibit vitamin absorption.

We Can Help You Find Primary Medical Care

Crystal Run Healthcare helps you find a local primary care provider (PCP) and assists with wellness, prevention, health screenings, and coordinating between your family medicine doctor and specialists. Contact us to address your PCP and healthcare needs—and continue reading to learn more about the importance of vitamin D.

Why You Need Vitamin D Infographic

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