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What Is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?


As office jobs become more and more prevalent, so does carpal tunnel syndrome. This health condition can affect anyone who performs a lot of repetitive motions with their hands.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is named after the carpal tunnel in the arm, which houses your arm's median nerve. It also contains several of the tendons which control your fingers. When this tunnel becomes too narrow due to inflamed tendons or wrist injuries, the median nerve can become pinched or damaged.

If your wrist feels tender or swollen, you might have carpal tunnel syndrome. Other symptoms include tingling in your thumb and first three fingers, as well as burning and a loss of grip strength. Physicians will also have you perform some tests for carpal tunnel, and they may even give you x-rays and ultrasounds to confirm their diagnosis.

Fortunately, carpal tunnel syndrome is treatable. The orthopedic hand specialists at Crystal Run Healthcare can prescribe several different treatment options that range from hand therapy and yoga exercises to state-of-the-art surgical intervention. With the right treatment, you’ll get the relief you need.

Carpal tunnel syndrome can plague many office workers, but the condition is treatable. Find more information in the following infographic!

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

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