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Clinical Research

Clinical Trials as a Care Option

We're excited to announce that we have added clinical research as an offering for our patients by partnering with Circuit Clinical. Patients now have the opportunity to participate in a clinical trial at no cost to them.

“In the same way that Crystal Run Healthcare has brought evidence-based, academic caliber medicine close to home for our patients in the Hudson Valley, we are now bringing clinical research opportunities into our patients’ backyards. Participation in clinical trials aimed at advancing medical knowledge will no longer require traveling long distances, but rather can be done where the patients already see their doctor,” said Scott Hines, MD, Chief Quality Officer of Crystal Run Healthcare.

Help others
Help others with your condition

You're helping family, friends, and people across the world by joining a trial

 study related
Receive study related medical care

Gain access to products that are on the cutting edge of medical research

Get compensated for your time and travel

Depending on the trial, there may be compensation for your time and travel

Things to Know:

  • You may receive a call from a "Patient Advocate" conducting a clinical research trial on behalf of Crystal Run Healthcare. These patient advocates are working with our clinical research partners, Circuit Clinical, to identify patients that may be eligible for clinical trials.
  • Our clinical research office is located at 75 Crystal Run Road in Middletown, NY.
  • To contact us about Clinical Trials, please call 201-564-4602.

Clinical Trials Spotlight:

Colonoscopy Blood Test | Hudson Valley:

Take the stool out of colorectal cancer screenings. Do you have a routine Colonoscopy scheduled? Are you between the ages of 45-85? If so, you can help us validate a new blood test to detect colon cancer, and potentially eliminate the need for routine colonoscopy screening forever.  Click here to find out what's required to participate.

Learn what participating in a trial is like

Anyone who volunteers for a trial must first provide informed consent, which is a process designed to clearly explain the expectations, risks and benefits of participating before you make any commitment.

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