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Complete Care for You and Your Family

Primary care doctors (also called primary care physicians or primary care providers) provide both the first point of contact for patients with an undiagnosed health concern as well as continuing care for varied medical conditions, not limited by cause, organ system, or diagnosis.

Primary care doctors take care of their patient's physical, mental, and emotional health and are trained to care for patients through each life stage. These general doctors provide patients with routine check-ups and treat common medical problems, such as ear infections, gastrointestinal diseases, and arthritis, referring patients to specialists when needed.


Different Types of Primary Care Doctors

At Crystal Run Healthcare, our primary care providers include:

  • Pediatricians – Who treat children under 18
  • Internists – Doctors of Internal Medicine, who treat adults ages 18 and older
  • Family Medicine doctors – Who see patients of all ages
  • Nurse Practitioners – Highly trained nurses qualified to treat patients without the direct supervision of a doctor
  • Physicians Assistants – Provide medical and surgical care alongside a doctor
  • Geriatric Specialists – Who provide primary care for seniors

Some prefer a family physician who can treat each member of the family. Family doctors have undergone special training to treat patients of every age—infants, teens, adults, and seniors alike.

Whether you choose a family practitioner, an internist, or a geriatric specialist, your primary care provider at Crystal Run Healthcare will manage and coordinate all your healthcare needs; he or she will help you with all of the following:

  • Prevention and wellness strategies
  • Coordination of all appropriate health screenings, such as mammograms, pap smears, colonoscopies, and lab work
  • Coordination of any care you may need from our renowned staff of Crystal Run specialists, including surgeons, obstetricians, and other physicians to help solve complicated problems in diagnosis and treatment


Coordinated Care Every Step of the Way

PCPs coordinate patient care where needed, whether it is in the office, hospital, intensive care unit, or nursing home. Plus, our sophisticated electronic health records system digitally links your primary care provider with any specialist in our practice. They can see and share your information instantly, enabling them to work together to bring you more responsive, immediate care.


Proven Quality Patient Care

Crystal Run Healthcare has been designated a Level-3 Patient-Centered Medical Home by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA)—the highest level a healthcare practice or facility can receive. This distinguished designation recognizes our use of information systems to measure the quality of care we provide to patients across our healthcare practice, as well as the measures we take to improve health outcomes for our patients.

We offer integrated, coordinated care for all patients, including those with common medical conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, coronary artery disease, and congestive heart failure. In fact, our care management data proves that patients with these conditions receive better care, demonstrated by measures that exceed national quality benchmarks. Simply put, patients treated at Crystal Run Healthcare feel better and have better results. Learn more about your Medical Home.

Visit us at one of our many locations across southeastern New York, including Goshen, NY, and three locations in Middletown, NY. We look forward to becoming your trusted provider for primary medical care and more.


Know your meds! Every appointment, every time.

It’s important to have and carry a list of your medications with you. When you have your list of medications on-hand, you can quickly answer questions about your medication during check-ups, appointments, or pharmacy visits. This is also helpful in the case of an emergency when you are being cared for by an unfamiliar provider or emergency services personnel who need to know what medication you are currently on and any medication allergies you may have. Saving your medication list as a picture on your smartphone is an efficient method of saving this information; a hand-printed list in your wallet is also helpful! Learn more.

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Useful links for general patient education:

American Academy of Family Physicians

American Heart Association

American College of Physicians


Chronic Conditions Links:

Your Guide to Lowering Blood Pressure

Diabetes: American Diabetes Association

Asthma and COPD


Drug Disposal Options:

Do you have medications you'd like to get rid of? Check out the link below to find a drug take-back location near you, find out how to dispose of medication properly and find our if your medication is on the FDA Flush List.

Safe Disposal of Medications



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